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Why Direct Mail?

Process for LetterBus

(Marketing to our members)

Step 1: Select Target Audience

Right now we are offering access to:

  • 15 thousand Trade Association Members in Karachi
  • 25 thousand Trade Association Members in Lahore

Pick one or both. We are flexible.

Step 2: Select Contract Term

We offer one time or annual contract. Our annual offer is the best because of the huge cost savings. Up to 75% discount is offered on an annual contract.

Step 3: Share your material

Either send your printed media or ask us to print for you. (printing is an additional cost). For clients, outside Karachi it is expected to be more feasible if printing is done here at BoloBlast.

Step 4: be prepared for your success

Now LetterBus collects all the documents and combined them into a single envelope per target recipient. (Yes. this is how the cost is saved and you get the advantage of pooled pricing) and send them through reliable couriers with a proper tracking mechanism.

You know that?

A good majority of these trade association members (business owners/directors) are not very tech-savvy. Those who maintain proper email accounts receive lots of spam. Therefore, even if you do reach out over email, your message will not be standing out.

Process for LetterBus

(Sending letters/bills/notices to your members)

Step 1: Provide us your list and content

  • Provide your content in soft-copy and along with list of recipient.
  • If you need us to print on your pre-printed letterheads, please provide.


Step 2: Take rest. We will manage from here.

  • We will add tracking codes to your each page as well to ensure reliability and audibility in the process.
  • We will print your material and addresses on envelopes. We will stuff all the letters into right documents with the help of our automated tracking tools.

You know that?

  • We have a capacity to process upto 40 pages per envelope and lists as large as 40,000 in a single batch.
  • Our minimum for this services is only 250 recipients at unbeatable cost and convinience. 
  • We can mail-merge texts and pictures both into documents and can print on upto 200 gsm. Great for coupons and ticket as well.