About us

BoloBlast Digital PR Solutions is an end-to-end Digital marketing solutions provider helping from the approach stage to create marketing stuff and then delivering it through different channels and tracking the results. We are also the proud pioneers of first formal Digital Synthetic Advocacy company in Pakistan. 

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What a partner can do

From managing your ad campaigns, to setting up and running your online shop, to helping you measure the success of your efforts and uncover new insights, a Meta Business Partner can be that extra set of hands you need to power your marketing strategy.

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Digital Advertising

Maximize Reach. Drive Conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Engage, Grow, Influence Online.

SEO Services

Boost Visibility. Rank Higher.

Content Marketing

Compelling Stories. Engage Audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

As part of Digital Marketing strategy, it gets better visibility for the website on high volume keywords in organic search results that will help you to increase CTR (Click Through Rate), which leads to increase in web traffic and boost your sales.

Online Advertising

Involves setting a budget, selecting right keywords, demographics, and geographical locations which helps you in optimizing digital marketing campaigns to increase conversions and ultimately growth in sales.

Social Media Marketing

Includes profiling, channel & competitor analysis, social media engagement & social ad campaigns that will help you increase your brand recognition among a broader audience.


Helping eCommerce businesses with comprehensive digital marketing strategies to accelerate their digital reach through, customized campaigns. quality content. automation. and a multi-channel approach to boost sales and conversions.


Branding creates strong, positive perception of a company, its products or services in the customer’s mind by combining such elements as logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications.

Content Creation

We offer professional content creation services for your target market to promote your products and services abroad and conduct your company’s digital marketing activities effectively. Content creation can range from Text, Images, Videos and Animations.

Our Features


We offer end-to-end design and digital marketing services so you spend less time dealing with multiple agencies.

Facebook Business Partner

Facebook Business Partner can be that extra set of hands you need to power your marketing strategy.

Bucket Framework

We apply our battle-tested digital framework to get you the most ROI for your ad spend.

Account Manager

Get dedicated project manager to get timely updates on your project.

Rapid Activation

Fast turn-around time helps you launch your project faster. 

Flat-Fee Pricing

Our services are all-inclusive for a flat monthly retainer. This means we don't over spend to earn more.

Synthetic PR Advocacy

Customer Advocacy is often missing in first cycle of your product sales. We helps you fill the gap by providing Synthetic Advocacy.

Print and Media Production

We have in-house print and media production facility.

Companies around the globe work with BoloBlast to grow their businesses.

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